Take Back Our America

A Plan to return Political Power to the American People

It's time to assert our god given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!
On June 11, 1929, the US House of Representatives passed the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929, fixing the number of Representatives at 435. The act of limiting membership in the House of Representatives by the very group that was constitutionally bound to grow with the population was a patently unconstitutional act. The lack of any blow back from the Executive and Judicial Branches of the Government in this decision implicates the entire government in the ruse to gradually diminish each citizenís ability to exercise any control over their governments actions.

This precedent is also being followed in all state and local governments. The result is that we have a ruling elite that owes their constituents nothing. Their millions in financing comes from a tight nit group who pay for Commercials and paraphernalia. The campaign issues are mostly bogus talk about bathroom use, fear and political buzzwords. The only solution is to replace redistricting efforts with an immediate mandatory Add Districting requirement. If we followed the constitution signerís guidelines each house district would now contain 15 districts. We need to begin by doubling the number of seats in each national, state and local district. If we donít due this now, America continues itís rapid descent into Communism.