Take Back Our America

A Plan to return Political Power to the American People

It's time to assert our god given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

We have been in indoctrinated into believing this country is collectively ours and we need to follow it's rules and laws to live our life We also are free to change them. For reasons documented in the next panel, this is no longer true. At all levels of government in the "Good Old USA" we are controlled by the ruling elite. This gives us peons only four possible courses of action.
1. Follow a revolutionary leader who promises to upset the apple cart and return the country to the people under their guidance and firm hand. This was the solution foisted on the Russians and Chinese with devastating results to their freedom.
2. Continue to follow whoever is selected by the Ruling Establishment and who promises to keep things stable and make improvements to whatever hot button issues are in favor.
3. Ignore the whole political process and make the best of our lives. The old "head in the sand" philosophy.
4. Start ground swell movements to add more of us peons to power by substantially increasing the number of political districts. This would greatly increase our freedom and return America to it's founding ideals.