Take Back Our America

A Plan to return Political Power to the American People

It's time to assert our god given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

What products and services do we need from our local, state and national governments? What products and services do they provide? How much do they cost? These are good questions and we need to find out the answers.

We know our US government’s budget is bloated and wasteful just from the fact it always increases and nothing ever changes for the better. We also know from the fact it never is restructured and every problem identified is addressed by adding agencies and departments. 911 was a perfect example. Instead of fixing the problems they added a whole new department and kept all the redundant existing agencies intact. So now we have total redundancy and inefficiencies created by conflict of interest and needless coordination.

What we need is disclosure by each department for the Products and Services they deliver and the Price of each deliverable. With this information, we can analyze the cost effectiveness and minimize redundancies. Savings to the American people with this process in place would be at least 50%.