Take Back Our America

A Plan to return Political Power to the American People

It's time to assert our god given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

We know that each of us is unique with our own interests and talents. We also know that we are quite similar our DNA is 99.9 % identical. Our basic desire is to use our interests and talents to live our life freely. The best government is one that guarantees that freedom for each individual. It would be the most powerful country since it would be composed of the happiest and the most productive citizens.

The US government has taken the opposite tact by limiting our freedoms to speak and act for what they say is the greater good. Covid-19 has been a perfect backdrop to enhance and expand these limiting activities. They're even trying to restrict our free speech a basic constitutional right to protect the “weak and insecure” citizens who only can handle speech they want to hear.

We need to maintain our independence, relish our differences. Embrace our commonality and love ourselves and each other. This will assure us a happy, safe and secure life and return America to the people.