Take Back Our America

A Plan to return Political Power to the American People

It's time to assert our god given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Life is a mystery. It arrives in a spark and ends sometime later in a flash. We have 6 Billion Human Lives on our planet all governed by their DNA that is 99.9% the same in all of us. We are all unique with our individual interests and talents.

We investigate our universe with our telescopes, computers and intellect and come to the conclusion that 95% of it is unknown which we define as dark matter and energy.

When we look through microscopes we discover quantum entanglement and find that Quantum and Relativity canít exist in our current physical model of the universe. The only model that can come close to describing the universe uses string theory and requires at least eight dimensions.

So essentially, we are three dimensional life forms that exist in a world we donít understand and canít fully experience. We need to embrace our life and use our talents, to follow are interests and live a loving, free and happy life. Anything else is a waste of our gift of life.